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Maternity Leave

May 17-July 25

It is so surreal that my maternity leave has already started!  We will meet our baby girl end of May and I can't say enough how much I have appreciated everyone's support during this time. Here are some resources and FAQs for you guys in the meantime....

What if I need a services while you are gone?

If you need your hair done while I am on leave I have talked to a few amazing stylists that can take care of you while I'm gone! Please note, I have trained my former assistant Kaitlyn who is my first go to as she has learned all my techniques and has your formulas saved.  I hope to see ALL of you back in my chair when returning in July!  :)


Meet the trusted stylists:



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I have trained my former assistant, Kaitlyn Preston, who is now a full time stylist at Poppy to be there for you. She has all of your formulas on hand and is amazing for maintaining your color and any blonding sessions.



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Perfect fit for any special occasion makeup. 

Kalie works at Poppy Salon so you don't have to switch salons.



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Perfect fit for women + men haircuts, and lived in color

Katie works at Poppy Salon so you don't have to switch salons.

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Poppy Salon

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At poppy we have a few more stylist that are wonderful as well that you can call.

Poppy also has a blow dry bar if you would like to come in for a shampoo + style (we all love to treat ourselves).

When will you start booking for your return?

I will start booking clients for my return at the beginning of July 2023.


Work-life balance is something that is extremely important to me. This is why I have decided to wait about a month after my daughter is born to book any clients for my return. I feel so blessed to be in an industry I love so I  want to give myself time to figure out what my new schedule will be so that I can give my 100% when I am in the salon with all of you as well as give my 100% when I’m at home with my daughters. 

I  just want to say again how thankful I am for each of you and your continued support!



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Perfect fit for extensions + dimensional blonding.

Shayla works at Poppy Salon so you don't have to switch salons.



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Perfect fit for fun + fluid haircuts and color.

Sav works at Poppy Salon so you don't have to switch salons.

Wedding Inquiries and New Clients

Again, work life balance is important to me so give me some grace and patience and I will get back to you all at the beginning of July 2023. I will not be doing office hours everyday though, I will just slowly start checking back in. Thank you for your patience and kindness.

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